Visual Identity: Lana Kurdi

Medrar Studio

To change and to resist means, today, to create and sustain spaces where other possibilities are imaginable. It is therefore necessary to claim and maintain a space where experimentation and the creation of moving images remain possible. We aim to contribute to this goal through our latest project, Medrar Studio. Medrar Studio strives to facilitate the processes of post-production and showcase innovative and alternative moving images, all while reimagining and questioning the ways in which we create these artworks. To continue to produce and showcase alternative moving images means for Medrar to provide the space, tools, and knowledge for new voices to make films in more communal ways that are capable of creating their own audiences.

Medrar Studio is a space that invites independent filmmakers to reflect and innovate on the level of the cinematic form by supporting alternative storytelling. Medrar Studio is a post-production suite equipped with high-end equipment, offering premium and affordable post-production services to independent filmmakers. Furthermore, it is a space that hosts roundtable discussions around contemporary storytelling discourses and facilitates the exchange of knowledge and learning experiences around ground-breaking editing and coloring techniques.

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