Workshop – Rethinking poor images

Medrar Studio


Medrar for Contemporary Art

25 July 2016 - 15 August 2016

Video art and experimental film production workshop 

Taking place over the course of nearly one month the workshop in which participants met for 12 sessions six Egyptian artists explored video art production through a different perspective, with looking at the found footages and poor images. 

The workshop main subject was to discuss this current moment, where the internet is a massive part of our existence, and social media has influenced how we consume images and media. We see quick reactions to current events, with memes, short video snippets and quickly edited materials filling our timelines which are consumed and shared widely.

The workshop took on a practical and theoretical approach to examine images without intention. Personal archives, found footages, internet images no matter their quality come into play. Not aiming to the poor image itself as much as the experimental process with unintentional footage and consider what it was and what it could become. Due to the apparent impossibility of making images in public in Egypt, the workshop discussed the strategies for artistic creation that could work with only images that are available, During the workshop the participants managed to strive to collectively discover a language for these produced images from the workshop that can also go beyond the galleries and into the public sphere.


  • Hend Samir 
  • Hend Moaaz
  • Malak Yacout
  • Marguerite Farag
  • Marwa Benhalim
  • Samuel Nashaat

About the mentors

This workshop is organized by Medrar for Contemporary Art with the support of the British Council