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Video editing is an introduction to the video creation process for artists. A pure technical approach for those who want to produce their own moving image and discover various tools for achieving a good quality output. Led by Karim Hashkobly as well as other guest instructors, the workshop will touch upon processing digital video files, timeline environment, special effects and treatment of audiovisual material.

 About the workshop 

After completing this workshop, you will be able to:

  • Identify best practices for video production and implement them
  • Recognize common pitfalls in the video production process and determine how to avoid such difficulties
  • create an effective plan for video production that accounts for time, resources and your production team’s abilities
  • Identify the main recording methods used in video production and employ them to create high-quality, impactful image.
  • Utilize non-linear editing systems to manipulate your raw footage and incorporate graphics, animations and third-party media to produce polished video segments.
  • Describe the editing process from start to finish
  • Encode your finished videos
  • Best practices for video production
  • How to get a video from an idea to delivery

 Conditions for participation: 

  • Fill out the application form below this page
  • Availability on workshop days (6 sessions): Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday from 7 to 10 pm for two weeks
  • Workshop fees 1500 EGP
  • Paying workshop fees at Medrar after receiving the acceptance email, maximum on Thursday 2 November 2017
  • Workshop fees are non-refundable after the commencing of the workshop

Deadline for submitting applications: Thursday 2 November 2017

Address: 7 Gamal El Din Abou El Mahasen St. Garden City, 1st Floor, Apt.4, Cairo, Egypt, 11519
Tel: (+2) 02 27957714

About the mentor: