Medrar Studio


Medrar for Contemporary Art

16 March 2016 - 16 April 2016

Taking place over the course of more than one month the workshop in which participants met for sixteen sessions nine Egyptian artists explored video art production, aesthetics and sound. 

The instructors, Egyptian filmmaker Mark Lotfy and Swiss artist Peter Aerschmann, started the workshop with a series of lectures about the history of video art and its development, conception of works; and some filming techniques. Every participant had a chance to re-think their preconceived notions of image and sound to discover their own approach to audiovisual as a language. In this part of the workshop – the more theoretical – the participants were encouraged to question the now blurred  line between cinema and visual art. Narrative, storytelling and messages were explored. There were also practical assignments such as producing one minute videos and discussing them.

Each participant pitched their project to the team and had a chance to gain conceptual feedback. This was also a chance for the participants to discuss production limits and opportunities. Finally the participants went into the production and implementation of their films, and now are finalising their sound and mixing with only one film in editing.


  • Abdelrahman Dnewar
  • Ahmed Sabry
  • Shady Kodsi
  • Sabah Naim
  • Muhammad Taymour
  • Irene Bartolome
  • Mai Al Shazly
  • Ahmed Shawky
  • Ahmed Mohsen
  • Kirollos Yousef

About the Trainers:

This workshop is organized with the support of the Swiss Arts Council Prohelvetia.