Group Exhibition – Pattern Recognition

Medrar announces its group exhibition, “Pattern Recognition”. The exhibition reflects on everyday social struggles, gathering a diverse group of artists whose works explore the concepts of chance, improvisation, and abstract symbolic systems. Focusing on the intricate and unseen patterns that shape our daily lives, the exhibition transforms the familiar into the unfamiliar, providing a deeper understanding of how our individual lives intersect with larger patterns that define our collective existence.

The exhibition opens on Sunday, June 30th at 7:00 PM at Medrar

and runs until Thursday, July 25th, 2024, from 4 – 9 pm except Fridays in Medrar.

Address: Medrar, 10 Gamal Eldin Abo ElMahsen, Garden City, Cairo.

Exhibition – Sarcastic Facts

We are pleased to announce “Sarcastic Facts”

Exhibition by Nour Elglaly

“Sarcastic Facts” is an exhibition at Medrar by Nour ELGlaly, presenting a multifaceted experience that integrates elements of humor and satire, confronting traditional narratives and challenging social norms, and exploring various scenes within the fabric of contemporary society.

Nour creates hybrid elements resembling cartoon characters by fusing human and animal bodies. His artistic practice focuses on the element of movement, creating experimental virtual realities to highlight temporal differences. drawing inspiration from complex characters from his own world. He presents a different perspective, highlighting his vision on issues of contemporary society, creating space for reconsideration of subjects intersecting with power dynamics, cultural norms, and contradictions in our reality.

The exhibition opens on Wednesday, May 15th, at 7:00 PM at Medrar

and runs until Monday, June 3rd, 2024, from 4 – 9 pm except Fridays in Medrar.

Exhibition – Radical Echoes

We are pleased to announce Radical Echoes: Motherhood, undergrowth, and Shelter

Exhibition by Alaa Ayman, Mariam Soliman, and Mariam Fayek

In Radical Echoes, three artists—Alaa Ayman, Mariam Soliman, and Mariam Fayek—explore creating some sort of visual narratives touching on themes of the undergrowth, motherhood, and shelter. Their aim is to chase passing moments that remain frozen in time, transcending temporal boundaries. They weave together threads of complex memories, significant events, and the profound journey of womanhood, drawing from personal experiences.

As Alaa gathers tales, random stories, and memories from her collection of photographs and videos, she finds inspiration in tracing her own thoughts, depicting and recreating them as a form of self-expression. While Mariam Soliman documents her exotic perspective on the concept of tribe or family, and the public happenings, with a sarcastic tendency. As for Mariam Fayek, she embodies her personal experience of the journey of motherhood and its altered emotions, exploring the notion of the body through various mediums.

The exhibition opens on Sunday, February 18th, 2024, from 7 – 9 PM at Medrar

and runs until Sunday, March 10th, 2024, from 4 – 9 pm except Fridays in Medrar.

Exhibition – Thorny Edges

About Self, Memory, and Body
By Aya Gamil & Mariem Abu Taleb

Memory is not a recording device; it’s an active reconstruction process influenced by our beliefs and experiences” Daniel Schakter

‘Thorny Edges’ is an exhibition by Aya Gamil and Mariem Abu Taleb, held in Medrar, where each artist shares her own unique experience. The exhibition attempts to embody both collective and independent interpretations in their work to raise questions about the concepts of self, memory, and body.

Through a complex, vague, and dystopian universe, Aya Gamil questions the notion of the body. Drawn from her own memories and the power dynamics between personal and public events, as well as plants, objects, and probably dreams and fantasies implicated with dreadful spaces related to wars and conflicts, and a gloomy and cruel visualization of the present and future. While Mariem Abu Taleb creates an abstract monochromatic personal journal in geometric structures using her own reproduction of Arabic letters and calligraphy, she challenges the traditional art of Arabic calligraphy, which is often associated with sacred artistic and cultural significance, to a transformed realm that interacts with cognitive concepts such as narrative and digression.

The exhibition opens on Monday, January 22, 2024, at 7 pm and runs until Monday, February 11 in Medrar.

Exhibition – On Bandits 2 by Gian Gigi Spina

“Bank robbery is an initiative of amateurs. True professionals establish a bank.” Bertolt Brecht’s phrase is the conducting line to reflect on the Lebanese situation at the moment. In the year 2022, the country’s situation is on the brink of collapse, having already resulted in more than 20 bank heists across the nation. Through assembling interviews with depositors Sally Hafiz, Bassam El-Sheikh, Abdallah El-Saii, and critical theorist Nadia Bou Ali, along with extensive image research and TV material, the project aims to explore and make sense of the surreal circumstances that have taken hold.
The multi-format project explores the ongoing aftermath of the 2019 financial crisis, how violence is a fundamental part of the system we live in, and how historical corruption has led to the absence of the state and its substitution by the NGOs in all services.

Opening night, on Tuesday, January 9th at 7 PM at Medrar
The exhibition is open on January 10th and 11th from 4 – 9 PM

Exhibition – Missile

About, from and to Palestine

Missile, Parties, Occupation, Nation, Internal Affairs, Hamas, Front, Escalation, Gaza, Locations, border strip, dust, Al Qassam, Haifa, confrontations, rubble, liberation, clashes, Retreat, Israel, fusion, retrieval, Al-Aqsa, camp, crossing, Al-Shifa, map, bursts, Conviction, Sector, Martyrs, Shelling, Cannons, Olive District, North, Fire, Incursion Tel Aviv, alliance, safe passage, raids, plaza, dust, explosion, banner Jenin, fighters, tanks, Jabalia, Phosphor, dead, aircraft, soldiers, water, march wounded, injured, rebellion, Al-Guds, damage, bombs, smoke, Al-Zaytoun, children,West bank, artillery, Enemy, Pieces, Destruction, Warning, Yarmouk, Rubble, Rafah, Family, Fall, Breaking, Tunnels, Demonstrations, Attack, Warning, Siege, Al-Shgaeiaa, Cover, Palestine, Rulers, evacuation, intensifying, white flag, blood, Zionists, weapon, appeals, America, targeting, Hospital, force, inland, Resistance, War, Civilians, Infiltration, Salah El-din, Aggression, hostages, massacres, freedom, displacement, fuel, Khan Younis, missing, factions.

“Missile” is a group exhibition held at Medrar, featuring the artworks of several artists and designers who want to show their solidarity with occupied Palestine. A percentage of the exhibition’s income will be returned as a symbolic contribution to the victims of the aggression in Gaza.


  • Ahmed Mohamed Hussein
  • Ahmed Zidan
  • Ahmed Badr
  • Amir Abdelghani
  • Osama Ehab
  • Ahmed Tawfiq
  • Ahmed Yazzer
  • Amira Khalil
  • Ehab Ehab
  • Engy Mohsen
  • Mohamed Abdelkreem 
  • Soukina Goal
  • Bashier Asalieh
  • Bahman Eslami
  • Gian Spina
  • George Deeb
  • Ganzeer
  • Khaled Al-Wakil
  • Rania Ezzat
  • Rodeina Fouad
  • Abdool
  • Omar Gabr
  • Abdelrahman Allam
  • Ali Zarey
  • Kinda Ghannom
  • Muhammad Elmahdy
  • Mariem Abutaleb
  • Mohamed El- Maghraby
  • Marwan Sabra
  • Mostafa Saifoon
  • Mona Essam El-Din
  • Mona Khaliel
  • Shaimaa Elhussieny
  • Hani Rashed
  • Hager Elsayed
  • Heba Tarek
  • Huda Lutfi
  • Yarrah Yasser
  • Youmna Noah

Special thanks to artist Rania Ezzat for contributing to the exhibition’s idea.

Roznama 9

Roznama is an annual competition and exhibition for contemporary visual art for Egyptian artists, its ninth edition is organised by Medrar for Contemporary Art and ARD Art Institution.

The competition aims to encourage creative contemporary practices of young artists below the age of 35 by highlighting and awarding the outstanding genuine works, beyond their discipline or medium.

This edition includes 33 Artists, and the exhibited artworks will be displayed at 5 venues between Cairo and Alexandria.

Exhibition Timing

  • from 1:00 – 9:00 PM at Medrar for Contemporary Art, ARD Art Institution, and Tahrir Cultural Centre TCC (Falaki Gallery), every day except Fridays.
  • from 3:00 – 9 :00 PM at B’sarya for Arts, except Saturdays and Fridays
  • from 11:00 – 7:00 PM at Wekalet Behna, except Saturdays and Fridays


  • Artist in Residency for 1 months in Steigenberger Resort in Hurghada provided by ADD Art for artist Mona Essam Eldin
  • Artist in Residency for 3 months at Tahrir Culture Centre provided by Tahrir Culture Centre for artist Mohey Eldin Yahia
  • Art Residency in Germany awarded by Goethe Institut – Cairo for artist Mohamoud Talaat
  • Artist in Residency for 1 month in Switzerland provided by Pro Helvetia Cairo – Swiss Arts Council for artist Amir Abd Elghani
  • Language scholarship in an acknowledged institution in Egypt for the equivalent of up to 30,000 EGP provided by Ubuntu Art Gallery for artist Hana Osama
  • 10,000 EGP cash prize provided by Gypsum Gallery for artist Sara Younis
  • 10,000 EGP in purchase prize provided by Alwan Bookstore for artists: Shaza Mostafa and Ahmed Yasser
  • Prize provided by Contemporary Image Collective (CIC) for artist Hana Osama

Roznama 9 Parallel Program

This year’s edition of Roznama will hold a parallel program alongside the main competition and exhibition.

The accompanying program will include a series of talks, panels, and round tables, opening a channel between established, upcoming, and exhibiting artists and art practitioners to freely voice and share their standpoint and practice.

This format offers exposure and insight into the participants’ productions, with room for individuals and groups in the field to collectively discuss and share their take on their relation with their art, society, and art institutions in the current day, upholding the practice of past editions of accepting both conventional and experimental art forms and narratives.

Accommodating inquiry through the setting of talks, whether among the participating artists themselves, with specific artists and projects related to the exhibited artworks, or expanding on the contemplative process of the jury members selecting bodies of work for Roznama 9, as well as panels supplying the discernment and observations of professionals, academics, curators, and cultural workers from various backgrounds regarding the selected projects.

The program seeks to pay attention to the audience as well, understanding the value of the crowd/public input and their link to the visual contemporary works as they all together, the artists, art works, and audience, morph and interact with the surrounding environment, which is the drive behind including round tables within the program, supplying a level plane for discussions.

The program aims at presenting a beneficial and supportive series of events complementing the central exhibition and competition


Phase 2 – The Production Lab: 

The Research Lab led up to the Production Lab which took place during July and August where the participants developed their XR projects with the support of the mentors and the techies team provided by Medrar. The participating artists were Agnes Michalczyk, Farida Serageldin, who both participated in the Research phase, and Zeyad Aboughaly, Ahmed Nader, Joseph Adel and Amr Ali. 

The Production Lab will be followed by an exhibition of the produced XR artworks, held at Medrar for Contemporary Art in Cairo. 

The exhibition opens on Sunday, September 3rd at 7 PM and continues until September 17th.

The exhibition is open daily from 4 to 9 PM.

*This project falls under Medrar’s recently launched MedRX -XR Portal umbrella project, a long-term program that champions the creation of counter-narratives that reimagine our world and alter our understanding of global and local matters. It strives to bridge the gap between alternative artistic research and production by facilitating and developing labs, workshops, exchanges, lectures, exhibitions, and events. It is open to all artists, cultural practitioners, and creators from different disciplines interested in enriching their artistic practices by experimenting with cutting-edge technologies and reflecting on what possibilities emerge from this intersection.

Extended Ecologies Exhibition Publication

Exhibition – Naema’s Office Is Bleeding 5

After 9 intense working days of experimenting with TikTok images in drawing, collage, and converting paintings into videos, the artworks created by the participants will be exhibited starting from May 21, 2023.
All artworks are available for acquisition for 500 Egyptian pounds.

Special thanks to the workshop guests: Hana El-Beblawy, Youssef Mansour, Yasmine El-Melegy, Marwa Ben Halim, Mohamed Abla, Ibrahim Abla, Hoda Lotfi, Karim El-Haywan, Malak Shenouda, Mayar Gaber, Rodina Fouad, Laila El-Farouq, Shahira Kamel, Farida Youssef, Dagmar, Elika, Farah Hallaba, Farah Barakat.

The exhibition is open daily from 1 to 9 p.m. at Medrar from Sunday, May 21 to Saturday, June 3 (except Friday).

The workshop, which took place in Medrar in May, was led by artist Hany Rashed and co-facilitated by artist Mona Essam El Din.

Collage Painting: Dina Al-Suda
Poster Design: Heba Tarek
Theme of the fifth edition of Naema’s Office is Bleeding (TikTok) was conceived by Ahmed Lesy


A digital installation by Amr ElKafrawy and Jean-François Robin, music by Emilie Roby.

Directed by artists Amr Elkafrawy and Jean-François Robin, Memories of the Future is a work that unfolds a dreamlike and poetic environment which deploys itself throughout five chapters of computer-generated videos as well as a series of sculptures. By approaching the future as if it was already past, this artwork suggests a new take on the imaginary of the future in the hope of taming our own faculty of temporal intervention.


*The exhibition opens on December 1, 2022, at 8 P.M.
The exhibtion is open daily, except Friday, from 1 to 10 P.M. until December 22, 2022.

Medrar is pleased to invite you to the second exhibition by MEDRX:
Fantomas is a virtual reality art exhibition; where the audience can use VR headsets to experience the immersive projects created by the participants in Fantomas Lab.
Fantomas Lab was held under the supervision of artists Jean François Robin and Maha Maamoun, with the contribution of the guests: Nadim Choufi, Assem Hendawi and HUNITI GOLDOX; and the technical support from 412 labs.
Seven participants were selected through Fantomas open call. The participants are: Fahed Sayej, Hafez Hamdallah, Sara Ayman, Ahmed Aiuby, Mena Safwat, Amr Ali and Tlön.

The exhibition hosts side events; Fantomas Talks: VR Practices in Ramallah, on December 2, 7 P.M.; No Borders – Audiovisual Performances, on December 3, 7 P.M; and the release of Fantomas publication during Cairo Art Book Fair, from 8 to 10 December.

Address: 10 Gamal Al Din Abou El Mahasen, 8th floor, Garden City



 VR art projects 

Opening 8 May 2022 at 7 pm 

Running daily except Fridays from 8 to 21 May from 1 to 9 pm at Medrar’s new space 

Medrar’s new address: 10 Gamal Al Din Abou Al Mahasen, Garden City, 8th floor

Medrar is happy to invite you to the opening of the first exhibition of the MEDRX program: the VIORAMA exhibition. You will finally have the opportunity to walk through the installations and room-scale VR and experience through VR headsets the immersive projects created by the participants throughout the VIORAMA lab. 

Viorama is a Virtual reality (VR) Lab and Exhibition aimed for artists to explore through lectures and hands-on activities the potential of VR audiovisual tools in relation to their arts practises, reflect on concepts of VR and new formats of narration, and prototype and implement VR-based projects to be showcased in an immersive exhibition. The Viorama Lab was led by Dutch instructor Daniel Ernst with the contribution of guest speakers Morehshin Allahyar, Jesse Cumming, George Zakaria and Ahmed Sabbour, alongside the technical support of Karim Ehab and Youssef Abusamra from 412labs.  

Dioramas have a longstanding tradition in museums, where they depict all kinds of spectacular and often impossible scenes. If you visit the museum a week from now, that exact same moment of the diorama will be there for you to visit. The gazelle would still be eaten by the lion and the dinosaur is still sinking into a tarpit. They are moments stuck in time like a mosquito caught in ember.

The most important aspect of Virtual Reality is presence. Presence in this sense encompasses both the physical and mental occupation of a virtual space. The more presence a VR experience provides, the more a player can disconnect himself from the real world to accept the virtual actuality as a new reality. But this takes time. Time that dioramas have plenty of.

Unlike “real” dioramas, VR dioramas allow you to step past the restrictive glass and into the scene. You can experience the emotion that is depicted, without experiencing the pressure of a linear story that is barreling to its conclusion. You are there and you have all the time in this world to cross into this new reality. The only thing you have to do is be somewhere else.

Following an open call, 6 participants were selected -Malak Yacout, Ahmed Nader, Mohamed Maghraby, Dina Jereidini, Zeiad Aboghali and Aya Tarek. Throughout the 6 weeks, the Viorama Lab participants got the chance to work on their dioramas based on a distinct and personal moment. They were handed tools and techniques to create a finished VR diorama from the early inception of an idea to a fully working interactive VR experience. The topics discussed include thumbnailing, greyboxing, animation & interaction design, audio and music, post processing, and narrative design. 

Visual identity and graphic design: Lana Kurdi

*This program falls under Medrar for Contemporary Art’s newly launched MedRX, an umbrella project consisting of a series of activities (workshops,  labs, exhibitions, screenings, meet-up sessions etc) aiming at building a bridge between artists and XR technologies.