On Bandits 2 by Gian Gigi Spina

On Bandits 2 by Gian Gigi Spina



9 January 2024 - 11 January 2024

“Bank robbery is an initiative of amateurs. True professionals establish a bank.” Bertolt Brecht’s phrase is the conducting line to reflect on the Lebanese situation at the moment. In the year 2022, the country’s situation is on the brink of collapse, having already resulted in more than 20 bank heists across the nation. Through assembling interviews with depositors Sally Hafiz, Bassam El-Sheikh, Abdallah El-Saii, and critical theorist Nadia Bou Ali, along with extensive image research and TV material, the project aims to explore and make sense of the surreal circumstances that have taken hold.
The multi-format project explores the ongoing aftermath of the 2019 financial crisis, how violence is a fundamental part of the system we live in, and how historical corruption has led to the absence of the state and its substitution by the NGOs in all services.

Opening night, on Tuesday, January 9th at 7 PM at Medrar
The exhibition is open on January 10th and 11th from 4 – 9 PM

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