3 September 2023 - 17 September 2023

Phase 2 – The Production Lab: 

The Research Lab led up to the Production Lab which took place during July and August where the participants developed their XR projects with the support of the mentors and the techies team provided by Medrar. The participating artists were Agnes Michalczyk, Farida Serageldin, who both participated in the Research phase, and Zeyad Aboughaly, Ahmed Nader, Joseph Adel and Amr Ali. 

The Production Lab will be followed by an exhibition of the produced XR artworks, held at Medrar for Contemporary Art in Cairo. 

The exhibition opens on Sunday, September 3rd at 7 PM and continues until September 17th.

The exhibition is open daily from 4 to 9 PM.

*This project falls under Medrar’s recently launched MedRX -XR Portal umbrella project, a long-term program that champions the creation of counter-narratives that reimagine our world and alter our understanding of global and local matters. It strives to bridge the gap between alternative artistic research and production by facilitating and developing labs, workshops, exchanges, lectures, exhibitions, and events. It is open to all artists, cultural practitioners, and creators from different disciplines interested in enriching their artistic practices by experimenting with cutting-edge technologies and reflecting on what possibilities emerge from this intersection.

Extended Ecologies Exhibition Publication

The production lab’s mentors

  • Mohamed Shoukry
  • Ozan Güngör

Extended Ecologies is organized by Medrar for Contemporary Art and Critical Media Lab (CML) with the support of Pro Helvetia Cairo.