Exhibition – Missile

Exhibition – Missile


Medrar for Contemporary Art

19 November 2023 - 30 November 2023

About, from and to Palestine

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“Missile” is a group exhibition held at Medrar, featuring the artworks of several artists and designers who want to show their solidarity with occupied Palestine. A percentage of the exhibition’s income will be returned as a symbolic contribution to the victims of the aggression in Gaza.


  • Ahmed Mohamed Hussein
  • Ahmed Zidan
  • Ahmed Badr
  • Amir Abdelghani
  • Osama Ehab
  • Ahmed Tawfiq
  • Ahmed Yazzer
  • Amira Khalil
  • Ehab Ehab
  • Engy Mohsen
  • Mohamed Abdelkreem 
  • Soukina Goal
  • Bashier Asalieh
  • Bahman Eslami
  • Gian Spina
  • George Deeb
  • Ganzeer
  • Khaled Al-Wakil
  • Rania Ezzat
  • Rodeina Fouad
  • Abdool
  • Omar Gabr
  • Abdelrahman Allam
  • Ali Zarey
  • Kinda Ghannom
  • Muhammad Elmahdy
  • Mariem Abutaleb
  • Mohamed El- Maghraby
  • Marwan Sabra
  • Mostafa Saifoon
  • Mona Essam El-Din
  • Mona Khaliel
  • Shaimaa Elhussieny
  • Hani Rashed
  • Hager Elsayed
  • Heba Tarek
  • Huda Lutfi
  • Yarrah Yasser
  • Youmna Noah

Special thanks to artist Rania Ezzat for contributing to the exhibition’s idea.

Curated by

  • Hani Rashed
  • Mohamed Allam