Thorny Edges – Exhibition

Thorny Edges – Exhibition



22 January 2024 - 11 February 2024

About Self, Memory, and Body
By Aya Gamil & Mariem Abu Taleb

Memory is not a recording device; it’s an active reconstruction process influenced by our beliefs and experiences” Daniel Schakter

‘Thorny Edges’ is an exhibition by Aya Gamil and Mariem Abu Taleb, held in Medrar, where each artist shares her own unique experience. The exhibition attempts to embody both collective and independent interpretations in their work to raise questions about the concepts of self, memory, and body.

Through a complex, vague, and dystopian universe, Aya Gamil questions the notion of the body. Drawn from her own memories and the power dynamics between personal and public events, as well as plants, objects, and probably dreams and fantasies implicated with dreadful spaces related to wars and conflicts, and a gloomy and cruel visualization of the present and future. While Mariem Abu Taleb creates an abstract monochromatic personal journal in geometric structures using her own reproduction of Arabic letters and calligraphy, she challenges the traditional art of Arabic calligraphy, which is often associated with sacred artistic and cultural significance, to a transformed realm that interacts with cognitive concepts such as narrative and digression.

The exhibition opens on Monday, January 22, 2024, at 7 pm and runs until Monday, February 11 in Medrar.

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