Live audio-visual performance

Live audio-visual performance

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Medrar for Contemporary Art

19 January 2013 -

Ola Saad, Noran Sherif, Asma Azuz, Mahmoud Tariq
Four young artists from Egypt present a range of shows along the lines of different directions in the field of electronic music accompanied by visual performances.

On Saturday 19 January 2013 8 p.m.
Location: Medrar for contemporary Art
7 St. Gamal Eldin Abo ElMahasen, Garden City, First Floor

علا سعد
تعمل ف مجال الفنون البصرية والسمعية من عام 2008
شاركت ف العديد من حفلات الموسيقى الالكترونية ومعارض الفنون البصرية

Ola Saad
Works in the field of visual and audiovisual arts from 2008
Participated in several electronic music concerts and visual arts exhibitions

Noran Sherif
Using different media such as (video, audio, drawing, photography), participated in many exhibitions inside and outside Egypt.
Interested in dual images “double exposures,” because they always have many thoughts, images and sounds swirling in their mind at the same moment, making it difficult for them to express all of this once a single image, so they find the video from one of the best means of expression. Also interested in abstract sounds and ambient sounds of different sources.

Asmaa Azouz
Bachelor of Art Education 2009 Helwan University – postgraduate master’s degree – a member of the Syndicate of Plastic Artists – works in the field of contemporary audiovisual arts, participated in several art exhibitions.

Mahmoud Tarek
Works in the electronic music field from 2010
He participated in many concerts and exhibitions, with interests in graffiti and street arts.