Medrar For Contemporary Art

26 October 2013 - 16 November 2013

 Roznama 2 

 Visual arts exhibition for young Egyptian artists 

In Urdu, Roznama refers to daily occurrences. A collection of days, weeks and months of human life, that host events and occurrences, giving them shape, texture and taste. In the second edition of this group exhibition, Roznama attempts to present a curated collection of visual contemporary art works dealing with an array of mediums for expression. The artworks are concerned with socio-political realities and events that shape the world around us through this moment of change we are witnessing.

Roznama 2 looks beyond the obvious, perhaps even naive representations of events that are part of our daily intake of them, and jumps into the deeper analysis of the human experience surrounding them.

Opening Saturday 26 October 2013, 8 pm From 26 October to 16 November 2013

Daily from 4 to 10 pm, Closed Friday Roznama 2