Open call for Participation in Roznama 6 


Open Call

Medrar for Contemporary Art

13 February 2017 - 15 September 2017

 Open call for Participation in Roznama 6 

 Visual Arts Competition & Exhibition from Egypt 

 November 2017 

 Deadline for application 15 September 2017 

A call for all Egyptian youth under the age of 30 to participate in the sixth round of Roznama competition and exhibition for contemporary visual art to be held in November 2017.

Roznama is an annual competition and exhibition for contemporary visual art for Egyptian youth, organized by Medrar for Contemporary Art in collaboration with Peacock for Art. In addition to coordination by CIC – Contemporary Image Collective for Roznama’s Mentorship program, the exhibition will be held at Medrar for Contemporary Art in Garden City and Mashrabiya Gallery’s new premise in Downtown, Cairo. And is supported by Yunus Emre Institute (Turkish Cultural center in Cairo)

Roznama 6 welcomes applicants to submit finished work, work in progress, and or abstract concepts. Roznama’s Mentorship Program will consist of meetings with experienced artists for discussion, development and exhibition of the artwork in its best form.

The competition aims to encourage creative contemporary practices of young artists under the age of 30, through highlighting and awarding the outstanding genuine works, beyond their discipline or medium.

Through the competition Medrar aspires to monitor and follow up on the outstanding artworks of young creative artists, to include them in its network of services and beneficiaries, while supporting them by all available means.


  • Artist in Residency for 3 months at Cite Internationale des Arts, provided by the French Institute.
  • Artist in Residency at Pro Helvetia, provided by the Swiss Arts Council.
  • 15,000 EGP cash prize donated by: Ahmed AlAttar, Osama Daoud, Shady El Noshokaty, Sabah Naim, Amr Al Kafrawy, Mohamed Abla, Hala Al Koussy, Hany Rashed, Hoda Lutfi, Haitham Nawar.
  • 10,000 EGP cash prize donated by Al-Ismailia for Real Estate Investment.
  • 5,000 EGP cash prize donated by Gypsum Gallery.
  • 5,000 EGP cash prize donated by Mashrabeya Gallery.
  • Two artist exhibition at Soma Art Gallery.
  • Photography award provided by Contemporary Image Collective.
  • 2,000 EGP coupon donated by Alwan Stationary.

*Residency award will include all logistical expenses, including, flight tickets, accommodation and studio facilities in addition to per-diem.

*CIC photography prize: Using CIC darkroom for one day offering the chemicals free of charge, Scanning one film free of charge, Printing at CIC Digital lab free of charge with the equivalent of 600 EGP.

 Guidelines and Conditions of Participation 

  • The applicant is allowed to apply with only one project/ one application form at most. In case an applicant sent more than one form; all submitted projects will be excluded.
  • The submitted art work projects should be produced during 2016-2017.
  • The age of the participant should not exceed 30 years of age at the opening of Roznama in November 2017.
  • The participant must be an Egyptian national.
  • Roznama does not accept any artwork previously exhibited in any Egyptian competitions, contests, nor part of a graduation project.   
  • The competition organizers have the right to select the works and projects in accordance with the presentation area and available potentialities.
  • This editions (Roznama 6) will accept a maximum of 25 artworks.
  • All participating artworks in all its forms should not exceed an area of 2 meters.
  • Any form submitted without the subscription fees of 50 L.E will not be considered. The subscription fees will not be reimbursed, regardless of selection outcome.  
  • The competition organizers select the jury committee, who in turn selects the participating and winning works without any intervention from the contest organizers, the institutions or the partners supporting the contest.
  • Announcement of jury committee will be announced after the opening of the exhibition in November.
  • Only applicants whose artworks were selected to participate in the exhibition will be notified, no later than 15th September 2017, via e-mail.
  • CIC – Contemporary Image Collective will participate with coordinating Roznama’s mentorship program, consisting of meetings between selected participants and mentoring artists.
  • Medrar is entitled to use of documentation of participating artworks (photos or videos) or part of the artworks in promotional material, while the artist retains the property rights.
  • The exhibition will be inaugurated on Sunday 12th of November 2017 and it will last till 10th of December 2017. All participants shall receive their works immediately after the show not later than 10 December 2017. The organizers are entitled to dispose of their artworks after that date.
  • Roznama accepts various mediums as: photography- paintings – sculpture – installations- digital art- video art – performance art- sound art and others.
  • Roznama management team does not assume any breach of intellectual property rights in any participant work. Participants must take into account to obtain permission in case of presenting any art work borrowed from third parties.
  • After notifying the participant artists, artworks must be delivered in conformity with the work sent in the subscription form. In case of non-compliance with the deadlines of delivery, the participation is void. The artist also bears all details of the implementation of the artistic work in coordination with the exhibition coordinator.
  • A participation request must comply with the guidelines and conditions of participation above.

 How to participate via internet 

  • Prepare all the required materials of the works which you would like to subscribe and copy of your National ID.
  • Upload the video files, enclosed photos and copy of your National ID via The site will send a link to download the file immediately after finishing the upload. Please copy this link within the allocated space within the subscription form (we recommend the completion of the uploading process before start filling in the form data).
  • Please keep in mind that the uploaded files remain available on the site for one-week maximum, so you must consider sending the form immediately upon getting the download link.
  • In case of sending video works, the file should be of high quality (screening copy).
  • Attach 3 different high quality photos of the artwork.
  • Attach a photo of your National ID and send it with the subscription form.
  • Subscription fees of 50 EGP should be paid via Vodafone cash. 1 L.E will be deducted as fee for transferring the money. The fees shall be sent on the cell 01064691695 (please keep this number for future use). In order to know the steps of subscription in Vodafone cash, please visit this link:
  • You can pay the subscription fees directly at the Medrar Headquarters. The fees can be paid prior to the completion of the online application.  
  • In application form, please state the form of payment you have completed. For Vodafone Cash users, please write the download link and phone number from which you sent the fees. If you paid the fees at Medrar, please state that instead.
  • Artworks sent without filling in the subscription form will not be considered
  • It is strictly prohibited to deliver the subscription form via delivery (Post mail or in person) or in CD form.

Should you have further inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us

We would like to thank all the individuals and institutes participated in supporting Roznama 6