Workshop – VIDEO WITH DSLR 101

Workshop – VIDEO WITH DSLR 101


Medrar for Contemporary Art

21 May 2015 - 4 June 2015

Medrar for Contemporary Art announces a call for applications for a technical workshop on video making using DSLR cameras, the first course of

Medrar Video School. The workshop will be held from 21 May until 3 June 2015 at Medrar. 

The workshop is intended for visual artists who seek to learn the techniques of video making, using DSLR cameras.

The workshop is instructed by cinematographer Mohamed Helmy, with the participation of filmmakers and producers who will share their experiences in video making and production.

 Conditions for participation 

  • Availability on workshop days: Sunday – Tuesday – Thursday, from 5pm to 9pm. (7 sessions)
  • Participants should have a DSLR camera and laptop
  • Pay workshop fees at Medrar, after receiving acceptance email (700 EGP)
  • Workshop fees are non refundable after the beginning of the workshop.

Deadline to submit application: 16 May, selected applicants will be notified on 19 May.

Workshop sessions 

Thursday 21 May

0- introduction

1- Basics

1.1- Understanding the camera

1.2- video camera types (focusing on DSLR pros, cons)

Sunday 24 May

2- video settings

2.1-(resolution, frame rates, shutter, Aperture, ISO, WB, color profile)

2.2- lenses, sensor size

Tuesday 26 May

3- still image vs video

3.1- support (monopod, tripod, car mount)

3.2- motion (framing, focus)>>> video head vs photo head, slider, steadicam, shoulder rig…etc.

3.3- timelapse

Guest Speaker: Mostafa Youssef

Thursday 28 May

4- general video tips

4.1- Shot types

4.2- camera angles

4.3- rules (180ْ rule in interview)

4.4- sequences

Guest speaker: Emad Maher

Sunday 31 May

5- Sound

5.1- in camera mics

5.2- mic types

5.3- double system

6- Lighting

Guest Speaker: Ahmed Khaled

Tuesday 2 June

Practical session (outdoors)

Thursday 4 June

Review of practical work

The instructor