Medrar for Contemporary Art

19 April 2022 - 25 April 2022

We are happy to launch a VR workshop for visual artists, filmmakers, designers, architects and digital arts enthusiasts to learn about virtual reality techniques.

This workshop is designed for beginners and for all those interested in exploring the world of VR and don’t have any previous experience. You can apply to these 101 three sessions to learn the basics of making and practicing virtual reality and learn about the different technologies ,softwares and headsets. Using one of the most powerful XR & game engines, Unity3D. We’ll explore the software interface, and create VR environments, different types of movements, teleportation for VR, and interactions.

Due to limited capacity we’ll be able to accommodate only a small number of participants.

****DEMO DAY***

Medrar is hosting a demo day this Thursday 23rd from 6 – 8 PM open for the public to come and experience VR projects, films through the headsets, and get introduced to Unity & its capabilities.

Workshop Requirements

  • Bring your own laptop that is capable of running Unity software

Workshop Outcomes & Objectives

  • Learning a very powerful program & game engine (Unity3D).
  • Being able to start your own VR Unity projects.
  • Joining a great community of art & technology enthusiasts.
  •  Getting introduced to the MedRX portal.

Time & Dates

27, 28,29 June (Sunday,Tuesday, Wednesday)

From 5 – 9 PM


Saturday 25th 11:59 PM

Fees : 800 EGP

We will contact the selected participants to proceed with the reservation.