Workshop – How much do we need to live?

Workshop – How much do we need to live?

Open Call

Medrar for Contemporary Art

18 February 2020 -

In the period between February and April, the Qaaf.Laam. collective, will be calling for a series of workshops whose goal is to develop practical tools or “work tools” that will be available to male and female cultural workers in Egypt in order to help create and develop a fairer working environment and conditions. We will think about how to develop collective knowledge that will help us achieve greater justice in our field of work, and how to transform this collective knowledge into practical tools that benefit a wider sector of workers in the cultural field, regardless of the professions, specializations, and types of institutions in which they work.

“How much do we need to live (as workers in the cultural field)?” “The first workshop is hosted by Medrar for Contemporary Art.

Working in the cultural field carries many meanings, including the importance of art and its impact on society, the importance of creativity and its value to individuals, spreading and developing culture and public awareness. Therefore, we feel satisfied and fulfilled that our work/work and livelihood have value, meaning, and impact on the world.

But in light of extremely harsh and complex economic conditions locally and globally, it remains “normal” that cultural work is flexible, temporary, unstable, without guarantees, without a minimum level of social or health security, and without clear methods and standards for determining wages.

Through the first workshop in the series of “Work Kit” workshops, we will pose and discuss the question: What is the fair wage for workers in the cultural field in Egypt currently? And how do we negotiate to reach it?

The call is general to all workers and workers in the cultural field. For those interested in attending.

Workshop schedule: Tuesday, February 18, 2020
7:00 – 7:30 Getting to know each other and an introduction to Qaaf.Laam. Collective.
7:30-7:45: Exercise “What are your basic monthly expenses?” (month’s budget)
7:45-8:15: Discussion of the fair minimum wage
8:15-8:30: Tactics for negotiating fair pay and discussing models of pay structures
8:30-9:00: Presentation of the #No-Not-Adi campaign and the next steps

Address: 7 Gamal Al-Din Abu Al-Mahasen St, Garden City, Cairo.