Medrar For Contemporary Art

31 January 2022 - 2 February 2022

Medrar and The Creative School Cairo announce their first collaboration with the launch of a 3-day workshop on VR video, sound and storytelling led by award-winning creative technologist Stefan Grambart and Avid-certified audio engineer George Zakaria. Throughout the workshop, the participants will explore immersive storytelling, spatial sound and VR navigation,working individually and in groups to conceptualise, storyboard, produce, edit, and export the sound and video of an original project.. 

The participants are required to bring their own laptops and download softwares (TBA upon acceptance). The video and audio equipment is provided by Medrar. 

About The Creative School Cairo 

With a long and storied history as one of Canada’s leading professional schools in media and communication, Ryerson University is bringing The Creative School to Cairo. Through a distinctively transdisciplinary approach at the crossroads of technology and creativity, The Creative School Cairo is preparing students for the future of media.

The workshop is free of charge. 

To apply fill in the form below 

The applicants will be notified by Thursday, 27th January 2022. 


— Backgrounds and/or interest in the arts 

— General knowledge of coding 

— Can manage new software proposed to work on (optional)

— Participants must have their own computers and the ability to run the required programs

— Participants are required to wear their masks throughout the workshop and to maintain a safe distance. 

About the trainers

This VR workshop is part of our event series anticipating Medrar’s upcoming XR program.

The workshop is organized by Medrar for Contemporary Art and The Creative School Cairo.