Open Call


6 May 2023 - 15 May 2023

Medrar is hosting the 5th edition of  “Naema’s office is bleeding” led by artist Hany Rashed and Co-facilitated by artist Mona Essam ELDin. Throughout its past editions, the workshop has been a space enabling research and experimentation in methods of visual expression and the discovery of various painting and collage techniques .The workshop program also provides the opportunity to meet many guest artists who will share with workshop participants their experience and participate in group discussions.

Tik Tok appeared in the Covid period at the beginning of 2020, resulting in a huge circulation of videos with a variety of content, underlying the influential edge of moving images over still images. The 5th edition of Naema’s office is bleeding is interested in transforming videos into images and turning them into a new artistic product that echoes the current moment.       

The workshop invites the participants to create collage compositions by exploring the potential of collage techniques and combining an array of materials including drawing, painting media, photography, paper, cardboard and magazine clippings. A variety of topics will be addressed during the workshop where the first phase will be dedicated to Tiktok Images and the following 4 days will be dedicated to the development of the participants’ personal projects.

The collage process will be based on quick decision-making and consist of a transformative practice of re-creation. In the course of collage making, images will be selected from a diversity of traditional and contemporary sources – photography, paintings and internet imagery -and rearranged to create new relationships, at times complementing each other at others conflicting. Encouraged to produce a multiplicity of works in a short time, the artists will take different approaches to deconstruct, modify and juxtapose components to identify possible ways for the imagery to evolve and develop their own language.

The workshop activities will be articulated in different interventions of experts  – artists and gallerists—in the field of contemporary visual arts. The lectures will touch on matters related to the Egyptian contemporary scene, pricing of artworks methodologies, gallerists’ parameters for artworks selection, showcasing and curation criteria, and will give the participants the opportunity to share experiences and discuss with artists the development of their projects. 

The workshop will kick off on Saturday May 6 and run until Monday May 15, From 12pm to 4pm. The works created will be exhibited in a 2-week showcase from Monday, May 21st to Saturday, June 3. For the participants to gain experience with selling, all the works displayed will be on sale at symbolic prices.  The workshop organizers will be in charge of selecting the works to be exhibited and their selling price. 

The workshop is led by Artist Hany Rashed and co-facilitated by Artist Mona Essam.

Requirements for participation:

  • Filling in the application form:
  • No specific age or experience is required, but it is preferable for the participant to have minimal expertise in drawing and painting. 
  • The workshop participation fee is 2500 EGP. Upon receiving acceptance by email, the workshop fee can be paid at Medrar. The deadline for paying the fee is the first day of the workshop, Thursday, April 27 2023.
  • Workshop fees are non-refundable after commencing of the workshop
  • The materials including cardboards, colors and glue, are provided by the organizers. The participants are required to bring 5 magazines each, scissors and different size small brushes (2, 4 and 6 inches) as well as calque papers and markers. 
    * * All applicants must pay a 500 EGP advance by Vodafone Cash immediately after completing the form, sending the payment receipt and the participant’s name in the Madrar e-mail. The form is void if the payment has not been made within 4 days from the date of registration.

Accepted Applicants will be notified by email on Sunday 23rd of April

Visual Identity: Heba Tarek

Workshop moderator and facilitator

The artist guest speakers

  • Khaled Hafez
  • Amir Eid
  • Ahmed El- Esseily
  • Karima Mansour