Mosalsal Nights: Abwab El-Khouf

Mosalsal Nights: Abwab El-Khouf

Side Events

Medrar for Contemporary Art

8 June 2013 - 8 October 2013

Mosalsal, a cup of tea, seeds and nuts and good company

Medrar for Contemporary Art will be hosting weekly screenings of thriller series ‘Doors of Fear’ starting next Saturday, 8 June at 6pm and every week until 14 September.

‘Doors of fear’ is a thriller/horror series that presents a unique experience in Egyptian Television where the stories presented are derived from Egyptian and Arab folklore and urban legends of what happens after death. The series has a main storyline, bringing together each independent episode that tells a specific story, so even if you miss one episode, no worries you can still join others. We will also be organising creative and interactive methods to fill each other in each Saturday before the show starts.

The series is directed by Ahmed Khaled, Produced by Al-Karma and starring Amr Waked, Gamil Rateb and Riham Ayman.