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MedRX Residency is an artist residency program initiated by Medrar and dedicated to Egyptian-based artists with a focus on immersive and new technology such as extended reality, artificial intelligence, and moving images.

The residency is intended for the workflow and development of artists’ proposed and ongoing projects through a fully equipped studio that gives them access to facilities and devices for immersive technology practice. In addition, the program aims to provide cognitive and collaborative/interactive support by organizing meetings, discussions, and workshops involving artists and specialists, with an emphasis on public engagement. 

The first edition of the program consists of several cycles, each lasting for one month, which can be extended, allowing the resident artist to fully utilize the facilities, programs, and services provided by Medrar. The deadline for submission of the first edition is Thursday, 29 February 2024.

Eligibility Criteria

The program is designed for artists with emerging and intermediate experience in digital and new technology. The program also encourages artists who show a keen interest in integrating immersive media into their practice, regardless of their area of specialization.

The Program 
MedRX Residency Program offers the following:
  • An individual workspace (studio) measuring 3 x 4 meters equipped with a table, chair, projector, screen, and computer.
  • The option to access additional devices, such as cameras and VR headsets.
  • The potential for partial technical assistance.
  • The program will be enriched by talks, discussions, and studio visits with artists, curators, and mentors.
  • The program closes with an open studio event to present results and exchange ideas.
Program Guidelines
The following section outlines the terms, conditions, and policies established by Medrar.
  • This program is intended for Egyptian artists only and is a grant provided by Medrar.
  • Artists who reside outside Cairo are encouraged to apply; Medrar does not offer accommodation.
  • International artists are encouraged to apply and bear the accommodation expenses, which will be determined based on the duration of their stay.
  • The studio is exclusively available for work purposes and does not provide accommodation.
  • The residency spans a duration of one month and is extendable, following the official working hours of Medrar, excluding Fridays, Saturdays, and official holidays.
  • The resident artist is required to consistently attend and commit to the entire residency duration.
  • If the artist is unable to commit to the residency duration, they are required to notify us at least one week before the program’s commencement to ensure the opportunity for the consideration of other applicants.
  • Entry for guests is allowed, under the condition of following the instructions and policies outlined by Medrar.
  • The resident artist is free to use the kitchen and bring food and drinks. 
  • Smoking is strictly prohibited within Medrar’s space. We request that you adhere to this policy to maintain a healthy and safe environment.
Application Requirements
  • CV (2 pages maximum).
  • Artist portfolio or links to previous work.
  • A detailed project proposal 

Applications are only valid by filling out the attached APPLICATION FROM HERE.

Deadline: Thursday, 29 February 2024

Accepted applicants will be contacted via email.

For questions and inquiries: