1 September 2023 -

Extended reality is an umbrella term for computer-generated environments that merge the physical and virtual worlds or create an entirely virtual experience for users.

As technology continues to advance At a rate that is exponential, artists have more opportunities than ever before to explore new mediums and express their creativity in innovative ways. Modern digital art provides a wealth of opportunities to create stunning visuals and interactive experiences, from virtual reality to augmented reality, 3D printing to generative algorithms. Whether working with traditional mediums or pushing the boundaries of what is possible with new tools and techniques, artists are always seeking new ways to experiment and push the limits of what is possible in the world of modern digital art. The possibilities are endless, and it is an exciting time for artists to explore new mediums and redefine what it means to create art in the digital age.

Through the day, we’re going to talk about what’s happening currently in ‘Medrar’ in the following weeks and discuss the workshops and events that’ll be happening soon.

Schedule for the day:

● Watching previous VR works and talking about the potential this medium offers.

● Showcasing the diversity of equipment at our disposal and how can we experiment with them in creating new worlds

● Discussing important concepts like 360 filmmaking and spatial audio.

● Other workshops and events like our live creative coding sessions and projection mapping shows.

Orientation Session date: Tuesday, 12 September 11:59 PM

* Attendance is free of charge, first come served.

**Registeration is a must for attendance.

This workshop is designed for beginners and for all those interested in exploring the world of VR who don’t have any previous experience. You can apply to these four sessions to learn the basics of making and practicing virtual reality and about the different technologies, software, and headsets. Using one of the most powerful XR & game engines, Unity3D, we’ll explore the software interface and create VR environments, different types of movements, and interactions.

Workshop Requirements:

Bring your own laptop that is capable of running Unity software

Workshop Outcomes & Objectives:

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of VR technology and its potential.
  • Familiarize yourself with using Unity for VR development.
  • Create your own immersive VR environments.
  • Learn to implement diverse types of movements and interactions.
  • Discover the endless possibilities of Virtual Reality!
  • Getting introduced to the MedRX portal.

Workshop Dates: 26 September, Tuesday – 28 September, Thursday – 1 October, Sunday – and 3 October, Tuesday).

Fees: 1500 EGP

We will contact the selected participants to proceed with the reservation.