Medrar for Contemporary Art

21 December 2022 -

The techQualia exhibition presents 15* artworks by 14* artists collectivelyreflecting on, experimenting with and appropriating AI technologies,generative coding, AR, VR and XR within their artistic practice. Focusing on local and regional artists and artworks, the exhibition showcases audio-visual installations, generative prints, paintings,code-generated music, AI-enabled performance pieces and more.

Medrar participated in the exhibition by displaying a project that was produced in the frame work of Viorama lab, which was displayed in medrar alongside 5 other projects.

by Malak Yacout

Sketch for a collective dream experience  

This experiment for a forthcoming dream / memory game reshuffles abstracted collective memories relating to wheat and the political and economic negotiations. Thus various permutations of collected dream dioramas are generated, all featuring a struggle between a fear of loneliness and a threatening loss of individual identity as a result of assimilation. Here only one such variation is exhibited.

Essentially, this is an adaptation of dream mechanisms that questions dichotomies that frequently associate sleep and dreaming with passive escape, in opposition to wakefulness-action-militancy. As opposed to the Surrealists of the early 20th century, and the many similar ventures that followed, this game does not seek simply to imitate the strange aesthetics and iconography of dreams. Nor does it seek to find symbolic meaning in dreams through dream interpretation. Instead, this experiment for a future game is an endless struggle to remember dreams, however frustratingly ephemeral the experience, or intangible its traces.