Open Call

Medrar for Contemporary Art

17 October 2018 - 31 October 2018

Job Vacancy: Accountancy Officer

Deadline: 31 October 2018

Part-time, 5 days per week, 10 am to 2 pm

Contract one year, renewable, to start immediately

Medrar for Contemporary Art is looking for an attentive, highly organized and careful accountant to join its team. We appreciate applicants with previous experience in the field of culture and development, not for profit initiatives.

Job Brief:

Administer financial services for projects organized by or hosted in Medrar for Contemporary Art, as well as external collaborations. The position is primarily targeted to maintaining the internal financial system and liaising with the core team. The Accountant is fully responsible for all communications and procedures related to the bank, tax authorities, monthly documentation, and other legal/official tasks.

Main responsibilities

Structural workflow

  • Carry on all withdrawal and payment actions.
  • Main responsible of office safe box and internal cash balance.
  • Manage all operational payrolls, utility bills and electronic payments.
  • Execute salary and fee payments to staff and freelancers.
  • Collecting and issuing invoices and receipts.
  • Keep track of incoming transactions, reporting deadlines and exchange rates.
  • Review contracts and schedule of installments.  
  • Review purchase or rental of supplies, and repair of equipment.
  • Regular review of assets and inventory lists.
  • Keep up with financial policies, regulation and legislation of Egyptian LLC status.


  • Create and maintain monthly and annual budget of operational costs.
  • Follow up budgeting of projects and HR, with project managers.
  • Create templates and review outgoing budget proposals.


  • Internal monthly overall reports.
  • Day to day project expenditure reports.
  • Annual evaluation reports.
  • External finance reports per project closure.
  • Report to legal accountant and taxation authorities.  
  • Auditing all reports and comparing budget plans.
  • Attend to weekly meetings for evaluation and updates.

Documentation and archiving

  • Registering all financial data.
  • Create budget templates and archive all hard financial documents.
  • Keep regular digital scanning of all legal and transaction files.
  • Maintain filing system and access to database.


  • Experience with accounting, not less than two years.
  • Experience with Legal finance systems and taxing authorities.
  • Knowledge of accountancy for non-profit organizations.
  • Strong attention to detail and time bounds.
  • Organized and skilled with budgeting in different structures.
  • Ready to release reports upon urgent demands.
  • Excellent user of spreadsheets and familiar with common table formats.
  • Must have strong command of Arabic, spoken and written.
  • Excellent command of written communications in English.  

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We will inform you of the selection results within three days after the deadline, and expect us to call you personally if you are shortlisted.

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