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15 February 2016 -

The deadline to apply is February 15, 2016

Position: Financial accountant

Half-time daily from 10am to 2pm, five  days a week

Contract period: for one year – renewable

Basic tasks:

– Recording all transactions and financial information in an organized and accurate manner consistent with generally accepted accounting standards, and in a manner that facilitates the extraction of clear and comprehensive reports for management.

– Save bank account statements, review them, and record them in the accounting program

– Direct supervision of the fund and cash movement, including deposits and disbursements.

– Preparing, preserving and reviewing all accounting and financial files, both paper and digital, such as the originals of all orders, exchange permits, contracts, receipts, invoices, etc., and periodically copying scanned copies of invoices and securities.

– Register all devices, machinery and furniture of the institution’s office in the asset booklet on an up-to-date basis

– Analyzing and examining the recorded financial information and ensuring its integrity and accuracy, analyzing revenues and expenses periodically and alerting management in the event of deviation from the rates estimated in the budget.

– Preparing and issuing various budgets and periodic reports to the site management, the chartered accountant, partners, or other parties.

– Follow up on the payment of all the company’s obligations, including payments, invoices, wages, claims, taxes, contracts, etc., accurately and within the agreed upon time frame.

– Dealing with the chartered accountant, understanding his recommendations and adhering to them, and providing him with the necessary files on a regular basis, especially annually to prepare the tax return.


Functional requirements:

– Proficiency in Arabic and experience working in English

– At least two years of experience in accounting work

– The ability to manage budgets, supervise purchases, and follow up on expenses

– Experience in issuing financial reports for various entities

– High ability to work under pressure and according to a tight schedule

– It is preferable to have a high degree in accounting

– Knowledge of Quickbooks accounting software is preferred

Application is through the electronic form only and we do not receive any applications by email

To apply, please fill out the following form:

The deadline to apply is February 15, 2016

You will be notified of acceptance and interview date no later than February 29