Exhibition –  A Green House by Marwan ElGamal

Exhibition –  A Green House by Marwan ElGamal


Medrar for Contemporary Art

1 October 2017 - 19 October 2017

Opening: 1 October 2017, 7pm
Exhibition runs till: 19th October 2017
Daily from 3pm until 9pm, except Friday
Address: 7 Gamal El Din Abou El Mahasen, 1st floor, Apt 4, Garden City

Inspired by epic stories, Marwan Elgamal created the animation “A Green House”. Visually influenced by Islamic manuscripts and ancient Egyptian aesthetics, as well as by contemporary movies, shows, games and comic books, his animations evoke curiosity, estrangement and nostalgia.

“A Green House” is centered around the theme of constant transformation, a transcendence without trial, a familiar meeting with things unknown. It is a pretence where the two main characters accept unfoldings, as if they are not newcomers, nothing baffles them, taking in the events with an interminable smile, everything makes sense to them when it shouldn’t. They are born as adults, they share a home where the peaks of mountains on the horizon are in hands’ reach, a confounding splitting sea is at their breakfast table. The roof of their house is given arms extended and brought together at the palms with fingers pointing upward. They are met with a vision and a delegate descends to usher them upwards, on and on, into five realms.

During this journey they come across alternate spatial points, machines and entities, where concepts have taken form, and that seem to imbue them with novel characteristics and lessons. Through the red desolate cube, the tingling blue mist of the sphere, through the lustful golden prism, in the mechanical unravelling x, through the dispersing boundless flower. They become altered with each development until they are endlessly evolved – or have not changed in the least. They are fulfilling their life goal, it is exhilarating and expected at the same time. A life where the void extending beyond their limits is another arm to grab hold of, where the farthest distance is beyond the sun or somewhere next to the living room.

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