Side Events

Medrar for Contemporary Art

14 July 2014 - 16 July 2014

Medrar contributed with a musical performance of “Hysteria” for Dijit on Monday, 7/14 at 10 pm, which adds this distinguished experience as a parallel to the audio experience of “Visual Rats Lab” by Alaa Abdel Hamid.

This marked the first collaboration between Alaa and Dijit

/// hysteria ///

Images are reflected on the surfaces of mirrors and repeated infinitely if they are placed between two mirrors. They prefer to be the laws of reflection in physics, which are the same laws that regulate the movement of sound reflection and repetition and the emergence of the phenomenon of echo.

When a person’s eye and ear partially detect monotonous images and sounds with a constant rhythm, his nerves are qualified to know that there is such a thing in life as hysteria.

About the “Visual Rats Lab” exhibition, an exhibition of installation works and installations by Alaa Abdel Hamid

After cold wars were used electronically in the past until now, they have become a reference applied to thousands through audio-visual media sponsored by electronics to work to keep the public in mind and even try to include it in its ranks through repetition of words and visual messages that are stored immediately. The mind of the public. Its impact on this experience may differ from one person to another according to his inclinations and certain degree. He will either be led away, reject, or have his mind flounder between different interpretations because of the hypothesis presented to him, which differs according to the mood of its sources, or differs according to his fatigue and self-discussion.

In this experiment, Alaa Abdel Hamid worked to involve the recipients in the artistic work and created a mutual viewing experience after that, as this resulted in the works acquiring a lively quality that made them differ from one lens to another unless they mastered it, as a result of the discovery of visual experiences that depend on the laws of light reflection. On the mirrors and its bounce back to the eye.

The exhibition runs until Wednesday, July 16, 2014 from 12 to 5 p.m.

Visual Rats Lab is supported by the Foundation for Arts Initiatives FFAI