InterLAB Two

It began with InterLab One when OLE worked remotely with the German collective Kazoosh. The next step was to work physically together on an interactive tele-exhibition as part of D-CAF festival 2013 in Cairo.


InterLAB 2nd Edition took place between Medrar for Contemporary Art and Hotel Viennoise space in Downtown city center Cairo. This time the spaces were located in the same city zone, while other borders existed. Still the Concrete walls (placed by the Egyptian military along parallel streets to block protesters from reaching important institutional establishments) formed an urban divisor. One had to do a long detour in order to reach the other venue of the exhibition. Such symbolic barrier was overcome by the constant data connection between both venues.

Along 20 days of direct exchange of triggers and digital values the exhibition was open for visitors to come in and intervene. The duration of opening made the pieces be customized, maintained and developed over the run time. It was interesting how some people kept visiting the spaces over several days and were keen on bringing friends and relatives to explain the artworks and enjoy the experience together.

This exhibition tried to enhance the visitor’s exploration of unused senses, while having him or her in a closer relationship with shapeless devices. It didn’t represent a certain singular artistic dispatch, more than it suggested the process of observing and interacting as a standalone artwork. A visitor is simply the creator and the reader in the very same moment. At the end of the day, the experience of reaction or the impact is what strongly occupies ones memory over the form of the bullet itself.

Here are some photos of us preparing for this exhibition with Kazoosh

This is part of the press coverage for Interlab Two.

If you are interested in the concepts behind this work, our process and tools we used to create it, you should definitely check out the the zine we printed after the event. The InteLAB zine has it all.

Below are some photos from the actual event.

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