Hipster Phone

hipsterphone poster


CYNETART Festival, Dresden, Germany

November 2013


The Hipster Phone is a communication device made of physical gadgets that imitates the disparate functions of a Smartphone. With its playful structure, the Hipster Phone invites interaction with the familiar components of a Smartphone in unfamiliar ways.


It’s not your mother’s smartphone, but it might be your grandmother’s.

Are you tired of losing your phone? The ridiculously short battery life?

Hipster Phone is a smartphone that can fit in your living room, where everything you need is within arm’s reach. It’s reliable, built with decades-worth of true and tested technology.

A true multitasking phone – check your temperature and your inbox at the same time!

No need for software or firmware updates. Lifetime warranty.


Photos From the Workshop



Installation (photos by David Pinzer)



We compiled the photos of the awesome Dresden crowd which were taken by the Hipster Phone camera, live tweeted them, and turned them into a video. Kareem Osman created it using a Quartz Composer directory scanner patch, complied and recorded in VDMX’s audio analysis function.


Hipstagram from Open Lab Egypt on Vimeo.

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